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Finding Free Podcast Videos


Anyone can easily find free podcast videos online.There are numerous podcast directories online that canhelp you find feeds to subscribe to, or you may find afeed thats available from a site you enjoy. After lookingthrough the directories and finding a feed you want todownload, subscribe to it using one of the many freepodcast clients available. The podcast client willautomaticall download a small file called an RSS file,which stands for Really Simple Syndication. The RSSfile tells your podcast client when there is a new file, inthis case a video, to download. Depending on yourclient, the program will notify you or maybe evendownload it automatically. Once the file is on yourcomputer, you’ll be free to listen to it any time it isconvenient.

Soon you’ll be on your way to downloading some of thefree podcast videos available online. Feeds are availablethat publish on almost every topic, from independentnews shows to experimental videos, to scientificinformation. Some colleges and universities evenpodcast their most popular lectures so that students willhave a chance to watch and review from the comfort oftheir computer chair.
The best part is that these free podcast videos, are ofcourse, free. All of these feeds are easy to find, and thepublishers, for the most part, do it simply because theyenjoy it, and are glad to give it away.

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