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Easily Avoid Procrastination


Easily Avoid Procrastination
Price: 5,250 JPY
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Here is what you will learn inside this guide….

  • Why, exactly, do we procrastinate?
  • What are the results of procrastination?
  • What is the “time box” technique, and could it be the solution you’re looking for?
  • Have you ever tried the A, B, C technique for solving procrastination?

Plus 25 audio topics (mp3)!!!

The 25 audio topics are:

  1. Don’t Let Procrastination Keep You Down
  2. Enthusiasm-The Best Weapon in the War against Procrastination
  3. How a Positive Attitude Can Help You Overcome Procrastination
  4. How Conquering Procrastination Can Help You Reduce Stress
  5. How Planning Can Help You Conquer Procrastination
  6. How to Beat Procrastination – Face Your Fear and Do It Anyway
  7. How to Beat Procrastination – Stop Gathering Information!
  8. How to Defeat Procrastination and Get the Most Out of Life
  9. How to Defeat Procrastination – Believe You Can
  10. How to Overcome Procrastination – Accept Responsibility
  11. How to Overcome Procrastination – It All Depends on You
  12. How to Overcome Procrastination – Just Do It!
  13. How to Overcome Procrastination – Set Daily Goals
  14. How to Take Charge of Your Life – No More Procrastination
  15. Increasing Your Energy Can Help You Defeat Procrastination
  16. No More Excuses – How to Overcome Procrastination Today
  17. Overcome Procrastination and Start Living a Richer Life Today
  18. The Best Cure for Procrastination – Your Vision
  19. There’s Only One Way to Defeat Procrastination – Do Something!
  20. Time – Your Most Valuable Asset in the War against Procrastination
  21. Tips for Overcoming Procrastination – Raise Your Expectations
  22. Tips for Students Who Want to Overcome Procrastination
  23. Tired of Putting Things Off? – Put an End to Procrastination Today
  24. Why You Need an Action Plan to Defeat Procrastination
  25. Win the War against Procrastination-The Battle Begins in Your Mind

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