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Using a Podcast Directory


A podcast directory is a listing of syndication feeds thatlink to a podcast. They are often organized by categoryand topic, and allow the user to find a feed that podcastsabout almost anything. Just as search engines helppeople find sites with the information they need, apodcast directory presents a searchable list of podcastsusers can subscribe to. Users may even be able to playthe available feed episodes from within the site.

Unlike most search engines, though, a podcast directoryrarely searches out and finds content on its own,automatically. All the feeds are either contributed byusers who want people to find their podcast, or addedby the staff. Nearly anyone can set up a podcast, butgaining visitors can be difficult, and so podcasters cansubmit their feeds to the directory to gain readers.
Since its so easy to make a podcast, a podcast directoryoften uses ways to separate the very good feeds fromthe ones people do not enjoy as much. A directory mayhave a ranking system, feature certain special feeds onthe front page, or even allow visitors to comment withtheir thoughts on a feed.
Visitors to a podcast directory can thus add their ownpodcasts, search for feeds on topics or regions thatinterest them, and even comment on those they like ordislike.

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