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Music Podcast RSS Feeds


There are many online music podcast rss feeds tochoose from online. For many of the feed producers, apodcast feed is a way to distribute non mainstreammusic that otherwise would not be able to reach anaudience. These musicians are able to build a followingand share their work from outside of a music culturethat tends to keep out more niche groups. Because themusic industry is oriented towards mass distributionand marketing, musicians and groups that aren’tbelieved to command such widespread fandom are keptout of the market.

Distributing some of their music by podcast rss feeds,however, lets them grow a small fanbase and attractlisteners who enjoy their work. These musicians maysupport themselves by also selling portions of theirwork, or may decide to provide all of their work forfree, as some do.
These musicians may, after growing a fanbase whoenjoys their music podcast rss feed, parlay thatpopularity into music contracts within the industry. Byproving that they can support a passionate audienceeven with their own meager efforts, a company cansometimes be convinced of the music’s viability on alarger stage. By proving that the musicians can supporta dedicated audience and can keep producing qualitywork, the group or individual has a better chance ofsuccessfully getting a contract while maintaining theirindependent style.

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